The elegance of simplicity


Barcelona Dd is synonymous with creativity and state of the art. Its designers express themselves with complete freedom and contribute useful, practical, innovative and “aesthetically desirable” items to society.


Recognised designers such as Jorge Pensi, Josep Lluscà, Joan Gaspar and David Carrasco Barceló, with a highly diverse range of expression, bring fresh, innovative creativity to Barcelona Dd, along with the rigour and knowledge of creators with talent.
We are committed to design and creativity as differentiating factors.


Our designers are part of the Association of Spanish Design Companies (Spanish initials: RED), made up of recognised companies in our industry.




Because we believe in good design and things well done, we incorporate the brand Indecasa, a reference in the market, to offer along with Barcelona Dd and Vilagrasa, the broadest and most accessible range of furniture, thus reaching an even wider public.




An unmistakable identifying mark


The satisfaction of people and their environment has been the constant aim of Vilagrasa since 1957. Our designers always create with the people who will use the items we manufacture in mind, as well as the uses for which they are intended.


Our products have a personality that accompanies and complements the space for which they are intended. Keeping an airport clean or a desk perfectly tidy, organising a cloakroom efficiently or facilitating the impact of an advertising display and the promotion documents in a sales area are more than simple functions. It has to do with the relationship between architecture and people.




Variety, durability and design


Resol Contract offers a wide range of products which are designed and developed to ensure the most demanding performance, as required by the professional sector.
A multitude of finishes with a full range of colours, combinations and materials, enables us to adapt to the needs of every customer, regardless of how peculiar their demands may be.




For the enjoyment of our free time


Resol Garden has extensive experience in the creation of garden furniture. We dedicate a lot of effort and care to creating and manufacturing the most attractive and practical furniture for this space, which is so special and pleasant.
We are experts and we know the needs of this market segment and our customers. That is why we manufacture furniture that meets our customers’ expectations for comfort and well-being.